This week Nick is inspired by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards to give awards for Dragonflight thus far, and joining him for the ceremonies is none other than Berzerker, the host of Unshackled Fury. They begin by explaining the Wrestling Observer Awards, and then Nick talks about how Berzerker inspired the Thunderfury April Fool’s episode. Then, they talk about the concept of taking breaks as a content creator and also the value of taking breaks as a WoW player.

Next, they get into the awards. They begin with the Best Character of Dragonflight so far, debating between Khadgar, Alexstraza, and Raszageth. Nick mentions that he thinks the proto-drake model is dumb for a villain. Then they discuss the Outstanding character. Is it Khadgar for using his power to get us out of the raid?

Then they discuss the Couple of the Year and debate between Tyrande and Malfurion or Kalecgos and the Simulacrum of Sindragosa. This leads to a discussion of the blue dragonflight and the various conspiracies of WoW fans. They also bring up the Legacies shorts.

They continue with the awards, equating Promotion of the Year with Reputation of the expansion, and review the evolution of the centaur in Dragonflight. The Best Weekly TV show award is translated to Best Weekly Quest. Match of the Year is evaluated as Best Raid Fight, with a debate between Raszageth and Sennarth. The Non-heavyweight MVP award morphs into the best non-major lore character, and could probably just be called the Best Boy award. The Women’s Wrestling award becomes the Best Woman Character, with contenders such as Alexstraza, Tyrande, and Sindragosa.

The Feud of the Year discourse leads to a discussion of how Blizzard has deprecated the faction war in Dragonflight. Most Improved is an evaluation of the younger Dragon Aspects. Best Technical Wrestler is evaluated as Best Animated Character. Best Brawler leads to a discussion about the best melee class, with Berserker suggesting fury warrior, to no one’s surprise. Best Flying Wrestling translates to Best Flying Mount. Most Underrated leads to a discussion about the Primal Incarnates. Rookie of the Year has nominees Taivan, Veritistrasz, and Stoney Tony. Best Announcer becomes Best Dialog (non-cinematic) and leads to a discussion about quest text.

Best Major Wrestling Show is equated as the Best WoW-related show, and leads to a comparison between the Race to World First and the Olympics. Worst Promotional Tactic is Mike Ybarra’s to claim. Best Booker is reviewed as Best Member of the Creative Team, and Promoter of the Year goes to a the Best Blizzard Executive. They conclude with a discussion about the best gimmick in Dragonflight.

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