Katie couldn’t be here this episode so Nick is joined by Spazz Wesson and Kurabara to talk about the Night Fae campaign. First, Spazz talks about what he’s been up to in game getting through three of the four Covenants. Kurabara meanwhile has been raiding Castle Nathria.

After some comparison with the Kyrian campaign, they get into talking about the Night Fae campaign. They jump through the first two chapters as that is common for everyone, as that is when we meet Ve’nari and free Baine from Torghast. After that, the campaigns differ. In chapter three, Shandris Feathermoon helps us to search for Tyrande. We work through the Maw and eventually encounter her, but she opts to stay in Torghast fighting the Jailer’s forces. We also help get some souls from Teldrassil out of the Maw.

In chapter four, we find a mask of Bwonsamdi and meet up with him, as he is concerned about loa disappearing in Ardenweald. After searching through some Spriggan dens, we discover Muehzala’s forces are encroaching. He has two loa working with him, and we push them back into De Other Side. We kill one of the loa, and that leaves Muehzala and Hakkar to be bosses in the dungeon. Nick has at least managed to play De Other Side, and talks about how Muehzala drops some significant lore about what he is responsible for.

In chapter five, we meet the Night Warrior Theonax and his husband Quedarin who were Night Warriors on a different planet. They became Night Warriors to help defeat the Legion on their planet, but despite trying to share it, they were consumed by it.

In chapter six, Aralon helps us fight off some Drust. We go and visit Ulfar the Thornspeaker in Drustvar, who sends us back to Ardenweald to commune with his teacher. Aralon disappears.

In chapter seven, we work with Huln Hightmountain (to Nick’s delight!) to search for other Night Warriors to help save Tyrande.

In chapter eight, we help Bwonsamdi to interroate Muehzala. Several loa have wound up in the Maw since they died in Battle for Azeroth, and we go and rescue Ashamane, Hireek, and Shadra from the Maw. We do so with the aid of Vol’jin. The chapter ends with Bwonsamdi and the Winter Queen interacting in an amusing fashion.

In the final chapter, the Drust return. We learn who dies in the campaign story and work with the Kyrian, who arrived to help with the Drust.

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