This week Nick is joined by Gershom from the Thrall’s Balls podcast to talk about the 10.0.7 cinematic and other things! They immediately jump right in talking about how the cinematic established the personalities of the Primal Incarnates so rapidly, making them interesting characters with minimal screen time. Nick speculates briefly about where they might have got their visages from, then praises the cinematic team for their ability to get players invested in the characters so heavily in the cinematics.

They talk about the comparison between Deathwing and Iridikron, and how Iridikron is a bit of a callback to Deathwing despite not being related to him. They then speculate on who the end boss of the expansion will be. They also talk about Neltharion’s ‘presence’ in the next raid, and the underlying theme of the Old Gods that has been hovering around this expansion. They try to calculate how long Neltharion would have been corrupted but are unable to.

Next, they talk about some of the features they have been enjoying in Dragonflight. Nick talks about how he has been underwhelmed by the renown system, while Gershom has been enjoying it. They also talk about Dragon Riding and how they are excited it will continue into the 10.1 underground zone. They wonder if Blizzard is going to carry it over to the next expansion or leave it just as a Dragonflight feature.

Finally, they talk briefly about being a parent and playing WoW. Gershom talks about how her daughters have interacted with the game, and Nick talks about his son making new characters. They also talk about their favorite hunter pets and the best models to tame this expansion.

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