Nick is back and this week he’s got a guest from across the pond, formerly of the LFR podcast, Dracoris! Blizzcon is still fresh on their minds so the two of them dive into the vast quantity of Warcraft announcements.

They begin by talking about their excitement for several of the features in War Within, including Warbands, and then consider how Hero specs could play out for a handful of classes. They talk about various heroes such as Anduin and Thrall who seemed to defy spec, but after losing their powers, they were reduced to basic warriors.

Next, they talk briefly about the War Within cinematic, and how Anduin reflects signs of PTSD. They talk about how Anduin was shaking when holding the sword and by approaching Anduin and leaning into the sword, Thrall was steadying him.

Next, they talk about the various zones of The War Within and how Nick is excited for Hallowfall. They talk about the giant crystal in the sky and speculate if that could be the posterior of Azeroth’s world soul sticking out.

Then, they consider the rest of the Worldsoul Saga and wonder about the Titan’s plans that will be revealed in The Last Titan. They wonder if Sargeras will be recruited as an ally against the void or if he will be the final villain of the saga. Dracoris speculates that Sargeras could be sacrificed to an Old God Void villain to make them look more menacing. Nick remarks that Sargeras has appeared to be the final villain of World of Warcraft for a long time, and it would make sense to return to that status quo now. They talk about just how villainous the Titans are, and Nick points out that the Titans have been problematic since the Algalon fight in Wrath.

Thank you to Dracoris for coming on! Thank you for listening to The Tauren & the Goblin! Please send any comments or questions to or @taurengoblin on twitter.


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