Nick and Katie are back to continue their discussion of what would happen if Gul’dan was shoved into the Helm of Domination and turned into the Lich King. They already decided that he would choose Illidan as his champion and the duo would betray Archimonde by summoning him at the Well of Eternity so he could immediately get blown up by wisps. Now they look at what is going on in the Eastern Kingdoms with Arthas.

Arthas would still be viewed by Kil’jaeden as a vulnerable target and would still be chosen to be the Legion’s champion. Kil’jaeden would manipulate Arthas directly instead of Ner’zhul and that would lead Arthas to want to summon him using the power of the Sunwell. Arthas would march towards Silvermoon, amassing a Legion army instead of the undead.

Medivh would reach out to Jaina and Thrall, but instead of sending them west to Kalimdor, he would need them to help stop Arthas in the Eastern Kingdoms. Presumably, the humans and orcs would make it to Silvermoon first. Jaina would unite the humans and high elves, Thrall would be able to reach out to the Amani Trolls as an emissary. The Wildhammer dwarves in Arathi would also be easily recruited, and this establishes the united army that Arthas would face. With Sylvanas at the head, combined with Thrall at his peak and a young Jaina, they would defeat Arthas and defend Silvermoon.
At this point Thrall would take some of the Amani and head to Kalimdor. There, he would find the Night Elves entrenched in a war against the undead, as commanded by Gul’dan and Illidan. Thrall would use his ties to Jaina to have her send a contingent of mages, and together they would push Illidan back into Northrend.

The Horde would form out of the orcs, night elves, amani trolls, and whatever tauren they would find in Kalimdor, while the Alliance would be the humans of Lordaeron, the High Elves, the Wildhammer Dwarves, and the gnomes (because why not?)

The Alliance would spend vanilla firming up ties with Stormwind and Ironforge, while the Horde would be busy establishing themselves in Kalimdor. Illidan would be resting in Northrend. Everything North of Hyjal would become the new Plaguelands.

In Burning Crusade, we would go through the Dark Portal to fight Magtheridon. The Draenai would still join the Alliance, landing the Exodar in the outer regions of Lordaeron (the old Plaguelands) and the Broken would join the Horde.

In Wrath of the Lich King, Illidan would attack and attempt to kill everyone. Tyrande would play the Tyrion role in using Elune to save everyone during the final fight. Then the Cataclysm happens and upends everything anyway.

And that is our take on how things would change if Gul’dan were Lich King. Thank you for listening to The Tauren & the Goblin! Please send any comments or questions to or @taurengoblin on twitter.


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