Nick’s conversation with Gin continues as they get into what they are most looking forward to in the next expansion. SPOILERS FOR SHADOWS RISING AND FOR SHADOWLANDS AHEAD. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Gin says he’s most looking forward to Sylvanas’ journey for how she gets from poofing out of Ogrimmar to breaking the Helm of Domination. He also mentions that Warcraft’s first homosexual relationship has been confirmed in that Flynn Fairwind and Matthias Shaw are a couple in Shadows Rising. Nick expresses surprise in that he missed the clues in game.

GIn talks about how the book involves everyone reaction to Sylvanas but doesn’t feature her for much of it. He talks about how Nathanos and Sira Moonwarden are working together, as well as Talanji and Bwon’samdi, and of course Flynn and Shaw.

They get into a discussion of Turalyon and Alleria and Nick misunderstands what Gin is saying. They talk about how Turalyon was so fixed by his time with the Light (and Xe’ra) and now that he is out from under that, he can finally grow again. They talk about how the Warcraft lore has grown since Chronicle came out and that the Light and the Void are being disassociated from good and evil.

Nick asserts that the reception for Shadowlands will entirely hinge on how welll Blizzard can reveal Sylvanas’ motives. If players are unhappy with the reveal, then their opinions of the expansion willl be harsher. If they appreciate it, Battle for Azeroth can retroactively be made better.

They discuss the need for a Chronicle Volume 4, and how much of the lore around the Argus raid is missing. They talk about using Chronicle Volume 4 to fill in the lore from the viewpoint of the other characters (the first ones?)

They speculate about how souls can be split after death and Gin talks about his expectations that the blacksmith in the Maw willbe a major character. They talk about some of the artifact weapons. They also talk about many of the characters they look forward to interacting with.

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