Welcome to Warcraft Reloaded Episode 149! In this episode, your hosts Bob and Mel are joined by Winky, and Al/Okona to bring you the latest news and updates from Classic WoW.

In the opening segment, we hear from the community with a couple voicemails, an e-mail, and a some discord questions. This sparks some great conversation about raiding in Ulduar, the importance of video games to each of us, and our favorite sound effects and gaming soundtracks. We also discuss a community members idea for classic plus, involving removing leveling from the game.

Moving on to the news segment, the hosts discuss the latest updates from Blizzard President Mike Ybarra regarding BlizzCon and the addition of the Authenticator to the Battle.net mobile app for iOS. We discuss what the development of WoW Classic Patch 1.15 might mean for the classic era and season of mastery community.

In the third segment, the hosts get to know Al by asking about his WoW background, when he started playing WoW retail, how long he played for, and why he came back for Classic. They also ask about his preferred class and faction, and about his podcast, Mere Casuals. Al shares his insights on various topics and anything else he’d like to talk about.

Finally, in the last segment, the hosts reveal the addon of the week, Fishing Buddy (Classic), and give a preview of what to expect in the next episode.

Thanks for tuning in to Warcraft Reloaded Episode 149!

Time Stamps
0:00:00 – Intro
0:06:30 – Listener Voicemails, Emails and Discord Questions
1:24:45 – WoW Classic Patch 1.15 in Development

2:06:49 – BlizzCon Update from Blizzard President Mike Ybarra – More Info Coming Soon™

Authenticator Now Part of the Battle.net Mobile App for iOS

2:12:34 – Getting to Know Okona from the Mere Casuals Podcast
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2:48:44 – Addon of the Week
Fishing Buddy (Classic) – https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/fishing-buddy-classic

2:50:52 – Closing

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Bob Schissler

IT System Engineer by day, avid gamer by night! Bob has been gaming his entire life and first started standing on a chair playing the arcade version of Super Mario Bros. Now he plays all kinds of games but focuses mainly on Overwatch.

Melissa Schissler

Mel loves playing video games during her free time. She didn't grow up as a gamer but quickly fell in love with it when she started. She mainly plays Classis World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Hearthstone.

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