In episode 160 of the Warcraft Reloaded podcast, the hosts addressed listener questions from Discord, focusing on the Sidereal Essence and the impact of the gold token in World of Warcraft. They discussed the intricacies of Sidereal Essence and its significance in the game, providing insights and explanations to the curious listeners.

The hosts then shared updates on their recent adventures in both WoW Classic and Wrath of the Lich King Classic. They detailed their experiences and progress in the games, discussing notable achievements and challenges they encountered.

Moving on to news, the hosts highlighted the Hardcore Duel Tournament in WoW Classic, informing listeners about it and encouraging participation. They also mentioned the release of Patch 1.14.4 Development Notes for WoW Classic, providing an overview of the changes and improvements included in the update.

Additionally, the hosts shared the June 2023 Actioned Accounts Report, which revealed the banning of over 120,000 accounts in World of Warcraft. They delved into the implications of this action and discussed its impact on the game’s community and overall integrity.

Towards the end of the episode, the hosts engaged in a comparative analysis of current DPS (damage per second) in Trial of the Grand Crusader and early Naxxramas raids. They discussed the differences and similarities in DPS performance between these two raid encounters, providing insights and strategies for players seeking to optimize their performance.

Overall, episode 160 of Warcraft Reloaded podcast covered a range of topics, addressing listener questions, providing updates on recent gameplay experiences, sharing news regarding WoW Classic events and developments, and offering analysis on DPS performance in raid encounters.

Time Stamps

0:00:00 – Intro
0:04:02 – Listener questions from discord concerning Sidereal Essense and the impact of the gold token
0:48:40 – What have we been doing recently in WoW Classic and Wrath of the Lich King Classic
1:28:40 – News

Hardcore Duel Tournament Live Now – WoW Classic

Patch 1.14.4 Development Notes – WoW Classic

June 2023 Actioned Accounts Report – Over 120k Banned

1:35:06 – Current DPS in Trial of the Grand Crusader vs DPS in early Naxxramas

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