Blazzinbob is abandoned by his normal partners in crime BUT Melderon and Kimjongoom come to his rescue! We talk about what we have been doing in Classic, go over the news and at the end have a huge conversation about Wrath of the Lich King.

Time Stamps

0:00:00 – Intro
0:04:20 – Emails
0:23:30 – What have we been doing lately in WoW Classic / TBC Classic / SoM Hardcore
0:51:10 – Victory or Death and Vargflocken raid progress
1:15:00 – Classic Arena Tournament Viewer’s Guide – Burning Crusade Arena
1:19:00 – Guild Recruitment Feature on Warcraft Logs – Burning Crusade Classic and Season of Mastery
1:22:20 – Classic Season of Mastery Hotfixes – Fix for Blackwing Lair Gate
Classic Season of Mastery Hotfixes – Increase to Gold Reward with Adventure Awaits
1:25:00 – Looking towards Wrath of the Lich King


Bob Schissler

IT System Engineer by day, avid gamer by night! Bob has been gaming his entire life and first started standing on a chair playing the arcade version of Super Mario Bros. Now he plays all kinds of games but focuses mainly on Overwatch.

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