In Warcraft Reloaded Podcast episode 211, Blazzinbob is joined by guests Hammerdance and SanMedina. The episode kicks off with the hosts addressing listener questions from Discord about world buffs in Season of Discovery, providing insights and opinions on this popular topic.

The news segment covers a wide range of updates for Season of Discovery Phase 4 PTR:

New Runes for Each Class: Exciting new runes tailored to each class have been introduced, promising to enhance gameplay variety and strategy.

Priest Racial Ability Rune Datamined: A newly discovered rune specific to Priest racial abilities adds another layer of customization for players.

Instanced World Bosses: The introduction of instanced world bosses aims to provide challenging content without the chaos of open-world competition.

New Dungeons: Scholomance, Stratholme, and other classic dungeons are now available, expanding the dungeon-crawling experience.

Account-Wide Attunements: A datamined item hints at the possibility of account-wide attunements, making the progression more convenient for players with multiple characters.

Potential Raid Difficulty Settings: New data suggests that different raid difficulty settings might be implemented, catering to both casual and hardcore players.

BoA Ring Runes: Bind on Account ring runes have been discovered, indicating more ways to enhance characters across an account.

Legendary Items: Blizzard is making legendary items useful for more classes, broadening the appeal and utility of these coveted items.

New Tier Set Bonuses: Fresh tier set bonuses have been datamined, promising new and exciting benefits for players to strive for.

The episode wraps up with some light-hearted banter and random conversations, offering a fun and relaxed conclusion to the show.







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