In a lively and engaging Episode 179 of the Warcraft Reloaded Podcast, the hosts, along with special guests Crixvibez and ClassicGho, embark on a thrilling journey through the World of Warcraft, complete with anecdotes, insights, and exciting tangents.

The episode kicks off with an enthusiastic recounting of their experiences at BlizzCon 2023. The hosts and guests share their impressions of the convention, discussing memorable moments, exciting announcements, and the vibrant atmosphere that permeated the event. Listeners get an inside look at the heart of the Warcraft community at this monumental gathering.

As the episode unfolds, the focus shifts to the WoW Classic Season of Discovery, a topic that promises to reshape the classic gaming experience. The hosts and guests delve into the potential game-changing elements introduced by this new season, exploring how it might alter the way players engage with Classic WoW.

Throughout the episode, the conversation takes delightful detours into tangential discussions that offer humor, nostalgia, and unexpected insights. From fond recollections of in-game adventures to speculative musings about the future of the World of Warcraft franchise, the tangents make for a dynamic and entertaining listening experience.

Episode 179 of Warcraft Reloaded Podcast is a testament to the shared passion and camaraderie of the Warcraft community. It’s a delightful blend of BlizzCon highlights, Classic WoW anticipation, and the unexpected, offering something for every kind of WoW enthusiast. Whether you’re a veteran player or a newcomer to Azeroth, this episode is a captivating journey through the multifaceted world of Warcraft. So, don your virtual armor and embark on this podcast adventure with the hosts, ClassicGho, and Crixvibez.


Bob Schissler

IT System Engineer by day, avid gamer by night! Bob has been gaming his entire life and first started standing on a chair playing the arcade version of Super Mario Bros. Now he plays all kinds of games but focuses mainly on Overwatch.

Melissa Schissler

Mel loves playing video games during her free time. She didn't grow up as a gamer but quickly fell in love with it when she started. She mainly plays Classis World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Hearthstone.

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