In Warcraft Reloaded Podcast episode 212, Blazzinbob is joined by guests TableSlam, IAmLubes, and Arcos. The episode begins with a discussion on the pros and cons of world buffs and the potential issues they might cause.

The news segment covers a variety of updates:

Midsummer Arrives in Cataclysm Classic: The event guide for Midsummer in Cataclysm Classic is now live, providing players with all the details needed to participate.

Incursion Events in Season of Discovery Phase 4: Upcoming incursion events in Season of Discovery Phase 4 will differ from previous ones, promising new experiences for players.

Blizzard Entertainment Presentation at Gamescom 2024: Highlights from Blizzard’s presentation at Gamescom 2024 are discussed.

Tier 0.5 Dungeon Set Bonuses: Datamined set bonuses for Tier 0.5 dungeon gear in Season of Discovery Phase 4 PTR are revealed, offering players new incentives to collect these sets.

Blackrock Eruption World Event: A new world event, Blackrock Eruption, has been revealed for Season of Discovery Phase 4 PTR, adding fresh content for players to tackle.

Class Changes in Season of Discovery Phase 4 PTR: Significant class changes are coming in Phase 4 PTR, impacting how players will approach their favorite classes.

New Warrior Raid Buff: A new raid buff for Warriors, providing a lite version of Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, is introduced for Phase 4 of Season of Discovery.

Core Hound’s Call Set: A new three-piece set, Core Hound’s Call, allows players to summon the spirit of Magmadar, adding a unique feature to Season of Discovery Phase 4.

Recolored Tier 1 Molten Core Sets: Datamined recolored Tier 1 Molten Core sets are revealed, offering a fresh look for classic gear.

South Seas & Goblin-Related Content: Teasers for South Seas and goblin-related content in the Season of Discovery Phase 4 PTR hint at exciting new adventures.

New Hydraxian Waterlords Reputation Trinket: A new reputation trinket for Hydraxian Waterlords has been datamined, providing another goal for players in Season of Discovery.


The episode concludes with some fun banter and random conversation, adding a lighthearted finish to the show.



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