Blizzcon just wrapped up, and it’s safe to say that all Blizzard fans walked away with something they enjoyed. Of course we are focusing on Overwatch here, and even though Sombra was no surprise, Blizzard still managed to surprise us with new maps, game modes, and to the glee of many, solo pick quick play. Besides announcements, the Overwatch team provides some insight into Sombra, her abilities, and where she came from. The Play by Sound panel provided great insight into why you should be wearing headphones, and even teaching Jaa and Bond a few things they didn’t realize.

Finally, the Q&A panel for Overwatch helps provide some insight on some of the cool stuff we missed out on, like Reaper picking up souls so Mercy couldn’t rez them. Jaa would really like that to come back, but Mikey might disagree. That and more on this week’s episode of Watchpoint Radio.


Jarret Redding

Jarret is Executive Director as well as one of the founding members of Mash Those Buttons. He plays all types of games, but tends to lean more toward FPS, Stealth, and Combat games.

Jason Bond

Jason has been a gamer since the days of the Atari, starting off with games like Pong, and leading all the way up to games like Final Fantasy on the PS2. He then discovered the battlefield series in 2004 on the PC and it was done. An avid gamer, lover of music and all things PC, Jason strives to show users that PC gaming is not dead, so lock an load!

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