2018 Lunar New Year kicked off in Overwatch late last week. We go over what came with it, along with character balance, and UI updates.

Patch Notes

Besides Year of the Dog, the latest patch brings balance changes to Doomfist and Reaper that should slightly improve quality of life for both characters. Additionally, helpful UI changes were made.

Year of the Dog

This year’s Lunar New Year event brings us six new legendaries, one new highlight intro, and two new emotes. Additionally, major tweaks have been added to CTF, as well as a competitive mode for the remainder of the event.

Sombra Buff Incoming

Sombra is being beefed up on the PTR. One nerf, which stops her from gaining ult charge from hacked health packs, but buffs in the the form of decreased weapon spread, faster hacking, and more meaningful hacks.


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