Not much news for Overwatch. Well, not unless you count all of the stuff happening for Overwatch League and the pre-season exhibitions. Still, we managed to put a show together that is not all OWL based. Here we go.

Patch Notes

Players should see improved matchmaking in competitive due to a patch that decreases the range of skill raking between players on the same team.

OWL Info Drop

TimeLess goes over the list of matches, which have been shaken up due to the Philadelphia Fusion backing out of pre-season exhibitions.

Blizzard has introduced League Tokens which will be used to purchase league skins for your favorite team. A team skin will be available for each character. League tokens will not drop in loot boxes and can be purchased with real money.

Overwatch League merch will be available the same day the pre-season exhibitions start.

Console Players: Second Class Citizens?

Console players have been complaining for a while that they are being treated like second-class citizens in Overwatch. We discuss this issue which has been thrust back in the forefront thanks to a forum post.

Proper Use of the Reporting System

We dig into the reporting system, and how to properly use each item since there seems to be some confusion about what should be reported and what shouldn’t.

Weekly Updates

There is currently a bug where Moria can target the payload.

Mercy has a bug on the PTR were rez can be canceled.


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