In a surprise move, Overwatch is celebrating the Olympics with its first seasonal content: Summer Games. With it bringing in over 100 new Olympic themed cosmetic items, you would think the community would be happy, but it doesn’t seem that way. Many are accusing Blizzard of trying to take more money out of their pockets by making these items only available for a limited time while not allowing players to use current accrued currency to buy the items they want. RNG is the only way to get these items in loot boxes, which you can either earn with XP or buy. Many in the community think Blizzard is trying to push you to the latter of those two options.

In addition to that, the community has been kicking up dust recently about both Symmetra’s nerf on console and Mercy seemingly being useless. Both could be knee-jerk reactions to changes in the games meta, but both could be very real issues that need to be addressed. We talk about both. We also talk about Athena possibly becoming playable, recent patch notes, and this week’s Watchpointers on Zenyatta.


Jarret Redding

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