Lilli is back to close the door on the 5.3 story. This episode is NOT spoiler free, so only listen to the first part of it if you don’t want to be… spoiled?

Although the crew has been spending time in other games they have still found some time to do other content leading up to this episode. Will Pan finish his raids? Will Lilli ever get her jobs to 80? Will Kristen get all of the Yo-Kai items?

After sharing our super exciting weeks we finally talk about that story in 5.3, and it was a good one. We made up plenty of new character names and remembered the entire story and added a couple of consolation prizes. There was an interesting conversation about how much crystal is the crystal exarc made of, and possible romantic relationships that were never meant to be.


Christina Zammarrelli

Gaming has been a core part throughout Poptarts life. Though her specialty is JRPGs, she tries to branch out and try new things. Most of her time gets put into the MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, but she still finds time to play new games.

Chip Locke

Chip has a boring adult day job and then burns as much free time as possible playing the videos james. Fond of a variety of MMOs, JRPGs, and action games without active time button mashing.

Kristen Allison

Began the gaming life with a game boy to be kept entertained during a vacation in the early 90s and forgot to put it down after that. Currently, most gaming time goes into FFXIV. Doing her best to prove she's not a robot.

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