We got a huge dump of news and reveals for Shadowbringers, though we had to wade through a pretty rough stream to get there. We break down our favorite changes from the massive list of announcements and speculate on what we think we’ll see that was announced yet. We talk a lot about job and role changes, new quest formats, and several other exciting tidbits from the latest producer live letter.

We have some shared emotions with the FFXIV production crew, who are all exhausted in the lead-up to the game, while some (one) of us is just hung over because he can’t say no to free shots, and we try to recreate a little bit of the technical difficulties they were so (un)fortunate to experience.

Finally we tuck in to the penultimate NPC pronunciation for this season (apparently!) and talk a little bit about what we’ve been doing in the game, which at this point is really just odds and ends. Is it 5.0 time yet?


Christina Zammarrelli

Gaming has been a core part throughout Poptarts life. Though her specialty is JRPGs, she tries to branch out and try new things. Most of her time gets put into the MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, but she still finds time to play new games.

Chip Locke

Chip has a boring adult day job and then burns as much free time as possible playing the videos james. Fond of a variety of MMOs, JRPGs, and action games without active time button mashing.

Kristen Allison

Began the gaming life with a game boy to be kept entertained during a vacation in the early 90s and forgot to put it down after that. Currently, most gaming time goes into FFXIV. Doing her best to prove she's not a robot.

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