In this week’s episode, Thanksgiving has come and OoCS had to PUG up due to the holiday. We even got Joanna, ( a podcast listener turned guildie! ) and her sister the following night. The M+ game is still strong for the usual crew, and picked up a few guildies along the way, new and old! Eric is finally in Northrend and closer to level 80 for Herald of the Titans, Harv has a little break with Classic and more into Retail this week, and Rei dips into all the WoW things.

Blizzard makes a Blue Post to clarify that the Auction House NPC will not be removed from the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur. The mount itself will not be available from the Boralus and Dazar’alor vendors, but will show up in the Black Market Auction House.

The Patch 8.3 PTR Build is out! Music was added for Bolvar and two hours of Old Gods soundtrack. Some Corruption changes have come around for Positive Affixes, Negative Effects, weapons have different amounts of Corruption, the effects can be from the M+ Cache and Ny’alotha Raid BoEs, as well as Affix Tuning. In the Gear news, Titan Residuum will have new prices to reflect the reset coming in the patch, the Black Empire BoA gear will be 415 iLevel for Azerite Armor and 410 for other slots — up from 400 from the previous Gear Tokens, Mechagon essences will have a reduced cost, and potential trash BoEs have been found along with an updated Encounter Journal for Ny’alotha. Freehold and Operation: Mechagon will be tuned for Mythic+ Dungeons, and the Keystone Master / Conqueror Achievements will be Account-Wide. The Vulpera Bag of Tricks Racial has been changed to be customizable and players will be able to found them around the world. Discipline Priests will have their Penance healing increased. Blizzard has added two encrypted cinematics, and players will not be able to preview them in advance.

The Mechagnome race seems to be coming with some limitations as they have mechanical arms and legs — their wrist, hand, and feet slots can’t be covered by armor and the leg slot is limited to what looks to be a pair of briefs. The Create-a-Character menu shows only 4 Arm Upgrades and 2 Leg Upgrades. There was a post on Icy Veins where someone mocked up a tint to their parts to match their Heritage Armor and we can only hope they will do something like that! We find out from a FrazlCast listener in chat that Frazley wants blue hair for the Mechagnomes. Blizzard PLS!

Visions of N’Zoth will have a Mechagon Mechanostrider mount which will be obtainable in the 8.3 Patch.

In Classic, Blizzard releases a blue post to address and explain the issue of the Honor System Bug Calculation and as week 3 has come, the data is being calculated correctly.

The week of December 10th for Classic, the Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley BGs will be available on all the realms and in PvE land, Elemental Invasions will occur around the world. Blackwing Lair and the Darkmoon Faire will come in early 2020.

A Fury of the Sunwell cinematic by IKEdit ( Ivan Kuzkin ) was posted which was the Patch 2.4 that went live March 25th 2008. He posts another video that shows a side by side comparison, definitely a must see!

It’s that time of year where Blizzard creates a virtual in-game pet and plushie, in the form of a baby alpaca named Dottie this time around. The virtual pet goes for $10 USD and the plush toy for $29.99 USD — $10 from each purchase will be split evenly between the Make-A-Wish and WE organizations.

Harv takes us back to Episode #47 — Nick, Jer, Eric, and Katie were hosting, and Rei was stuck at work! They all weren’t doing too much, mostly farming. Blizzard was changing quest items around and working on the issues from things such as Hunters not needing to wear leather anymore. Nick said that new stuff was coming out, which everyone was annoyed — Eric was annoyed at the tanking changes, the heals, CDs, active mitigation, and Jer was mad that paying 100 gold for swapping specs, tho’ it was a placeholder. Nick suggested to use tomes to change specs instead of paying for gold. Nick didn’t want to pre-order the Digital copy of Legion because he already pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition and did not like the solution of just getting another key to give to a friend or for a second copy. The episode ended with an e-Mail from Harv about Valor Points.

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