In this week’s episode, OoCS cleared Normal and Heroic with time to spare and gets the non-usual raiding guildies to do a M+ before the end of raid time. Not so much on the following week, getting a Normal FC and Heroic 7/8 with a bunch of PUGs. Rei stays up to get in some M+ to rack up the Titan Residuum credits and hoping to get gear for people’s mains and alts. Eric enjoys the DPS role and is juicing up his mage while Harv maxes out in Classic and begins to hit up some raids.

Blizzard has a slow week as Blizzcon draws near — they are pretty quiet about any annoucements and leaves the fan base with mostly findings of “leaks” and rumors on many sites. This allows the group to toss in their own ideas, predictions, and wishes ( even if they are sometimes ridiculous! ).

The Blizzcon schedule will run with its usual segments for WoW: Mythic Dungeon International on Friday and Arena World Championship on Saturday, along with a several panels for art, devs, sounds, and Q&A!

Mike Ybarra will be joining the Blizzard team on November 4th as Executive Vice President and General Manager. He comes from 20 years at Microsoft as a former Corporate Vice President for Xbox Live, Game Pass, and Mixer.

Harv takes us back to Episode #44 — Rei was off, so Nick, Eric, Jer, and Katie were hosting. OoCS took down Archimonde for the second time on Normal and working on Xhul’horac in Heroic at 8/13. After a year and a half, Nick steps into Ashran for the first time. This was a very PvP heavy podcast, Jer loses it cause ‘Every Man for Himself’ gets a nerf, and Katie referred to ‘Will of the Forsaken’ changes, and PvP botters get a 72 hour ban. Transmog restrictions come into play, a year old Easter Egg was found — the Mesmerizing Fruit Hat. The group ended off with talking about cookie cutter builds.

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Nick Zielenkievicz

Host of WoW! Talk! and The Tauren & The Goblin. Sometimes known as the Video Games Public Defender. Wants to play more Destiny and Marvel Heroes but WoW is all-consuming. Decent F2P Hearthstone player. Sad that he lost the Wii that had Wrecking Crew on it. Would be happy if the only game ever made was M.U.L.E. Gragtharr on Skywall-US. Garresque on Ravencrest-US.

Rei Liou

Rei is the 1 of the 5 SEELE members and the Ops Director at MTB. She enjoys anime, baking, cooking, gaming ( fighting, puzzle, rhythm, RPGs ), and spending WAY too much time working on spreadsheets. Current Games: Tales of Crestoria, WoW

Eric Knutson

Auto mechanic, car enthusiast, gamer, runner and almost never serious, Eric has been ditching responsibilities and gaming since age 7. His favorite genres are FPS and racing, although most of his game time is currently spent on WoW

Christopher Greer

Chris has been playing World of Warcraft since 2007. When he's not playing his hunter in Azeroth, he's probably playing one of his many alt hunters. If not doing that, he's probably playing a different hunter.

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