Rei and Eric took a break from celebrating Chinese New Year to join Nick to talk about the Battle for Azeroth alpha. But first, they talk about Eric’s mount luck in all things except the Big Love Rocket. Rei mentions that their guild couldn’t raid on Valentine’s Day due to poor attendance. They also talk about how everyone seems to be rolling a Void Elf lately, and question a bit of the lore behind LIghtforged Draenai. Nick, meanwhile, has been grinding out order resources for no good reason.

Alisaunder emailed in to slam goblins and gnomes for being too short to be in the Battle for Azeroth promotional material. Nick comments that he’d like to see a cinematic from a gnome’s eye view. YepX tweeted out the link to the Dark Iron Dwarf flirts and emotes which were amusing.

In the Battle for Azeroth alpha, it has been datamined that Vulpera are labelled as a playable race. Ostensibly, this is just to make creating new NPC’s easier for Blizzard, but everyone is now super excited that they could be an allied race in due time. Nick tries to argue that it feels like there are too many new playable races coming too quickly, but it starts to sound a bit xenophobic, and Nick mentions a thread on the WoW subreddit that made it to rall with unfortunate consequences.

First Aid appears to have been removed in the alpha, with all related recipes now converted to tailoring. The gang talks about how this will be missed, and wonders if this portends anything for the other secondary professions.

Blizzard posted about changes to how hunter pets work. Nick ranted for a bit about how this should be okay but it is still conerning given how closely players associate with their hunter pets. He is happy though that Beastmasters will get to keep a second pet out.

In the news, Shu-zen is the new store mount, the Dungeon XP bug has been fixed, and the Trial of Style returns on March 5th.

Nick also takes a quick look back at episode #1 from October of 2014.

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Rei Liou

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