Hola! The gang is here to talk about all the latest news in World of Warcraft and the Shadowlands Alpha! First, Rei talks about what’s been going on with the Order of Corrupted Souls and raiding Heroic Ny’alotha. The high ratio of melee to ranged is hurting the guild and Eric is so frustrated that after having to step away from the raid last week, he is looking to try it as a DPS so he can see if standing in the fire is an unavoidable as it would seem. Rei also talks about struggling to get people together online since people seem to ignore various chat requests.

Harv has been playing more, and this week complains about Corrupted Gear. He’s tired of all the randomness associated with the various procs and just how much it can cause damage to fluctuate in a raid. He would like some more consistency. Rei suggests not looking at the meters but Harv admits he is too trained to do so.

Eric, meanwhile, is tired of Horrific Visions. He tried doing it with one mask and hated the experience. He would rather run straight Horrific Visions or even just Mythic 0 content.

Nick talks about Torghast in the alpha, although he hasn’t played it. He mentions that most of the alpha players who have tried Torghast love it, and it has gotten a warm reception. The floors are supposed to be randomly generated to go to infinity. If you die too many times, the Terragrue will start chasing you down. This seems to be where you will acquire the materials to craft legendaries in Shadowlands. Overall, Nick is excited.

In the news, the Blizzard is buffing reputations for the next month. Also, the experience buff is now permanent until Shadowlands pre-patch. There may be an autobattler coming in Shadowlands as part of the mission table. Shadowlands will feature new character creation menus. WoW has added controller support. NPC’s will look at you in Shadowlands. Draenor and Broken Isles Pathfinder is not required for flying in those zones in Shadowlands. Steve Danuser tweeted out about some placeholder alpha text that had people concerned about the Forsaken.

CEO Bobby Kotick gave all Activision Blizzard employees his phone number to discuss the Covid-19 outbreak. A WoW fan server unleashed a plague to demonstrate Covid-19 prevention. Chris Metzen read a story to children as part of Blizzard’s Take Your Child to Work Day.

Finally, we look back at episode #57 from June 2016.

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