In this week’s episode, OoCS 11 mans Queen Azshara on Heroic! As usual, the crew dabbled in doing Mythic Pluses, PvPing / War Mode, and Island Expeditions. Harv goes HaM on professions, but not on maxing his level in Classic.

Patch 8.3 info is out and it comes with an alternate world ( think upside down world or Palette Swapped Land ). N’Zoth will be the final boss in the 12 boss raid, Ny’alotha and players will be challenged with Horrific Visions, assaults on Titan Facilities, leveling up their Heart of Azeroth with new essences and additional essence slots. Wrathion will aid in this by providing a Legendary Cloak to help take down the Old Gods. The Titanforged System may be on its way out and something new may take its place. New Allied Races will be given to both factions — Mechagnomes for Alliance and Vulpera for the Horde as well as Worgen and Goblin Heritage Armor. Mythic+ will gain another Affix called Corrupted, which are Black Empire obelisks that put players into an alternate reality with a mini-boss — wherever the group finishes is where everyone will pop back out into the dungeon, which will allow players to come up with new strategies. The Auction House will get revamped with being able to favorite items, making a shopping list, and purchasing some of a seller’s stack rather than all of it.

Blizzard will be releasing “The Cinematic Art of World of Warcraft: Volume 1” which is a 250 page book filled with art, design ideas, character quotes, storyboard concepts, and insights from the art and cinematic teams from WoW’s launch up to Warlord of Draenor.

The Honor requirements have been dropped — Rank 2 ( 10K Honor, down from 15K ) and Rank 3 ( 30K Honor, down from 50K ) for the essences Artifice of Time, Blood of the Enemy, and Sphere of Suppression.

Blizzcon 2019 will start Friday, November 1st and the Virtual Ticket is available for $49.99 USD. For WoW, players will get Finduin ( Alliance ) and Gillvanas ( Horde ), as well as a Wendigo Woolies transmog outfit. For any listeners out there in Europe, Canada, or Panama — Meltdown is holding a Blizzcon Viewing Party at their establishment.

Harv takes us back to Episode #43 and Nick, Rei, Eric, Jer, and Katie were hosting. OoCS was trying to do HFC on Thanksgiving day and had to PUG two healers because it was a holiday. What the team was going to do was determined by who was going to show up ( as it still holds true now ). On 11.23.15, WoW turned 11! The Legion Alpha just gone up on the PTR and WoWhead and MMO Champion had data mined stuff from the PTR. Katie was excited about the new models, Rei was excited about bag space, Eric hadn’t checked out the data mining stuff — but then went to look and said he was excited about Bloodworms coming back, Jer was excited about Talent Trees, and Nick speculated about Artifact Weapons. The discussion of content: Cost VS Value came up, then there was speculation about the WoW Token price / gold farming since the farmers were getting banned. Blizzard announced Gnome Hunters and mechanical pets, followed by a LOT of Hunter pet talk. The team talked about mounts that were obtainable through professions came up, and a hefty conversation about Artifact Weapons.

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