Rei, Eric, Harv & Nick are back to look at the state of the community in the wake of Ion’s Reddit AMA, and its not good. But first, the gang talks about raiding in Uldir. Order of Corrupted Souls is 6/8 N and talks about the raid transition from Zul to Mythrax. They also talk about Taloc and Mother as well. Nick explains the lore for the raid as learned from questing through Zandalar, since everyone else missed out by playing Alliance. Nick also talks a little about Vol’dun and how questing there feels endless because of the sheer number of side quests.

This week Game Director Ion Hazzikostas jumped on reddit for an AMA, since the community has been frothing over Azerite Armor, Island Expeditions, and other systems. Everyone discusses their disappointment with Azerite Armor, and Nick shares his theory about how it is supposed to work. They all agree it is not working currently though. They consider that the system requires a few expansions of refinement, and it should be fine by the time 8.2 or 8.3 come out. Nick points out that Legion had its early detractors as well, given how people took some time to accept the way that artifacts worked. Nick also considered whether reputations should be account wide, and thinks that people had unrealistic expectations for how the AMA would play out.

There were some recent articles about WoW. First PC Gamer tried to cover the community immolation over Azerite Armor, but went too far in agreeing with the players that the system was terrible. Kotaku had an article about the llamas in Vol’dun. Invenglobal had a fake article pointint out people will play for three months and then quit for two years.

Finally, the gang looks back at episode #16 right after the Warlords launch and compares the two times. The conclusion is that everything will work out.

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