Nick, Rei, and Harv are back to talk about their experiences in Patch 9.2! First, Rei talks about everything she’s been doing. With the deadline for AoTC Sanctum of Domination imminent, Rei reports that they had a full twenty-five people show up for raid for the first time in a long while. Eric was one of those showing up and he got AoTC! Then, she talks about the puzzles in Zereth Mortis and how some people are using add-ons to solve them. Nick then talks about his appreciation for the puzzles and they talk about how the Nazjatar match-three and uncrossing puzzles are back as well. Rei brings up that people are doing rares again in Zereth Mortis, and then talks a bit about some of the jumping puzzles. Nick asks about solving a jumping puzzle near Haven, and then they discuss when flying is coming. Rei mentions skipping the intro to Zereth Mortis on alts, and Nick points out that if you have an alt that needs renown it is a great way to get it. He also mentions an NPC that sells up to rank 40 renown in Oribos for 500 g.

Harv, meanwhile, has not really been playing WoW.

Nick talks about how much he is enjoying Zereth Mortis and how he likes the Firim character and how this feels like the Covenant he would have wanted to join all along. He also talks about how his kid has made too many characters in WoW and is messing up his login screen.

In the news, the Blizzard Gear store is back. The SEC is widening its investigation into Activision Blizzard, and Microsoft entered talks to buy Activision Blizzard only three days after news about Bobby Kotick’s offenses broke.

Finally, we look back at episode 106 and our thoughts on bounty hunting.

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