In this week’s episode, Harv is out and Nick is in! Welcome back briefly Nick, we’ve missed you! He’s gotten some time to spend in the AV from the Anniversary as well as utilizing his spreadsheet for working on Mechagon. OoCS brought PUGs in lieu of part of the team being at Blizzcon and the following week with half alts for a full clear of Normal and Heroic. It was prefaced with running the Anniversary raid, which turned out to be snippets of bosses and not as long as we would’ve wanted. A Mythic +15 attempt comes into play and they come short — over by 58 seconds! Next time Gadget, next time… Rei discovers the Raider.IO bot and hopes it’ll be a way to get some extra activity between the guildies.

Nick appeared in an episode of All Things Azeroth #665 “Fightin’ them Blizzcon Blues” and Rei’s interview went up with Whispers of War Show #60 “I will cart your ass around!”

Players ran into a small bug where Ragnaros would get teleported to the starting area. For our group it seemed only one person had that issue, and it was one of our guys. Don’t worry, he still got the loot!

Patch 8.3 is set to release in Early 2020 – Visions of N’Zoth, new Allied Races, the Ny’alotha Raid, new PvP / Mythic+ Season with a new affix, Worgen and Goblin heritage armor, a Mage Tower inspired challenge called Horrific Visions that will allow one to five players, Old God Assaults, a Legendary Cloak, the Titanforging system will be replaced with Corruption, BRD Battle Pet dungeon, and of course — new pets, mounts, toys, and transmogs!

Blizzard sees that there are still many players who are working through The Eternal Palace and as such, allowing everyone to still have time to obtain their Cutting Edge: Queen Azshara and Ahead of the Curve achievements, as well as time to enjoy and complete the WoW 15th Anniversary events.

This week in Classic, free character moves are opening up for some realms and no longer available or closed for other realms starting the 11th. On the 12th, all realms will be set to a single layer and long queues will be experienced at this time. Thursday the 14th, there will be an update for the PvP Honor System to come online and a chance for the World Bosses Azuregos and Kazzak to spawn.

US Congressman Lou Correa has called out Blizzrd for allowing racist groups to exist in World of Warcraft. He is a representative in a district that includes Anaheim and used Twitter to speak about this and would like Blizzard to remedy the situation.

Quarter 3 for Activision had better than expected numbers, despite being down year-over-year. The release of Call of Duty Mobile and World of Warcraft Classic has given them a boost in users and revenue.

Nick takes us back to Episode #45 — Nick, Reim Eric, Jer, and Katie were hosting. OoCS was working on the HFC farm and waiting on the Legion Alpha access. People confused the Legion NPC Rhonda for Rondy Rousey, but it was for a Blizzard employee. A banwave went out as players went back to typing “Anal” and linking an achievement after. Lots of Star Wars talk went down, as Stormwind guards were given “lightsaber” looking flaming swords, how the Warcraft trailer was release before the Star Wars movie, and possibly the Warcraft movie getting moved to June because of Star Wars. Katie spent quite a bit of time about the possibility of goblins in the Warcraft movie. Lastly, there was info about the PvP System coming out in Legion, heavy discussion of Transmogging belts, a sour note on how we were tired of Garrisons which lead into “I think we’ve been banned from this show for the rest of 2015.” ( it was the last podcast of the year ).

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