Rei is out tonight but Nick and Eric are here to talk about all things Warcraft! First, Warcraft was on Family Guy but neither Nick nor Eric saw it, so they might bring it up next time if it was noteworthy. Eric and the Order of Corrupted Souls have been running Legion dungeons and raids for achievements now that they have cleared Heroic Antorus. They 9-manned Mythic Emerald Dream! Eric also boosted a Lightforged Priest. Nick meanwhile has been focusing on World Quests and PVP and is looking for the quickest way to get to Prestige Rank 2 with the least amount of skill.

YepX tweeted about looking for interesting add-ons. The chat room mentioned the Owen Wilson add-on which adds his signature, “Wow!” to in-game events. Also, YepX commented on the guy who recently got every achievement in WoW. This lead to a discussion about achievements and how Nick likes them but also thinks they can give players extra goals that detract from the gameplay.

Ion recently posted on the forums that certain abilities are being removed from the Global Cooldown. The gang felt this would make combat a little slower, but as long as no interrupts were on the cooldown then this shouldn’t be a concern. Player one-button macros might no longer be effective.

And since this was recording on April 1st, Blizzard had a ton of fake news today. First, there were three new “realistic” mounts, that were a real dog, chicken, and bunny. Also, they announced several more micro-holidays, such as “We All Elves, Now.” Finally, there were the 8.0.41 patch notes which Nick and Eric covered. Nick and Eric talk briefly about Durotan in a Black Mirror episode. They also read some of their favorite patch notes.

Finally, Nick takes a quick look back at episode 4, which focused on Ghostcrawler leaving. They talk briefly about how RPPM trinkets were a thing, and then Nick recommends still following Ghostcrawler on Twitter. He also praises Celestalon’s recent tattoo.

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