Nick is back with Eric and Kurabara as Rei is not feeling well (Get better, Rei!) to talk about the latest goings on in World of Warcraft. This week, Eric starts by talking about the Nymue fight and how much healing is required throughout the fight. He also talks about mythic+ and how because it has felt easier this season, it has lead to running more and higher keys to the point that he needs to run lower keys for the wyrm crests for updating his gear. He also talks about getting to max reputation with the Dream Wardens pretty quickly, and this leads to a discussion about reputation and whether the transition to Renown over the last two expansions has been worth it. They also talk about whether Blizzard should have made Zaralek Cavern easier while making the Emerald Dream harder since the Dream will have to be current content until the War Within. They talk about Blizzard’s rapid development pacing throughout Dragonflight.

Kura talks about playing his evoker and not getting invited to all the groups. He also talks about spraining his ankle and having a birthday.

Nick talks about how the Trading Post is dictating his playstyle lately. He mentions that he doesn’t have time to play so he is only playing to complete the monthly rewards. He then talks about the controversy over the Wardens armor that is the 12-month reward for the Trading Post, and how Blizzard will now be rewarding three armor sets instead of just one. Nick also talks about Ion did a community council interview that got aggregated into nonsense and pushed to him on his phone.

In the news, they mention that the Harassment lawsuit against Activision-Blizzard has been settled for $54 million.

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