This week on WoW! Talk! Rei, Eric, and Harv have been working on the achievements in Battle for Dazar’Alor. Nick meanwhile unlocked the Kul Tirans and celebrated by playing Hearthstone. No one is in the classic beta. Nick also mentioned how good the Hearthstone Dalaran Heist is.

YepX sent a follow up email claiming that we were not taking the privacy threats from the AXS app seriously enough. Nick mentioned that unless you were already policing your phone for malicious apps, this probably wouldn’t make a difference, although its never too late to get started doing that.

We start with a discussion of Safe Haven and everyone loves how badass Saurfang is. He snapped the neck of a stealthed rogue!!! Everyone is glad to have Thrall back, but Nick goes on an extended rant about his hair that leads to him wondering about which shamanic powers Thrall will no longer use.

The classic beta started this week. People were upset that they couldn’t log into the stress test or that it wasn’t stable, but that was the whole point of the stress test. Please note you need to opt-in to the classic beta separately from the normal WoW beta opt-in checkbox. The gang also reviewed the “not a bug” list for commonly reported bugs in WoW Classic, including the size and reach of Tauren, as well as the fact that people were concerned about the lack of quest tracking on the mini-map. This lead to a lengthy discussion reminiscing of other features that were in classic that have since been changed, including mounts in your bag and how hard it was to get gold back then. Overall, the gang looks forward to checking out classic, but no one will be playing it as their main game over BfA or whatever comes next.

Blizzard announced a 15th anniversary collector’s edition with in game alabaster mounts, mousepad, and Ragnaros statue. It immediately sold out everywhere. They also announced that a Deathwing mount will be available in game for the 15th anniversary. They didn’t say how we’d get it other than a raid fighting some of WoW’s most famous bosses, which is something Nick has been calling for for a while.

Blizzard has also been doing tons of interview lately, and Nick speculates that 8.2 was supposed to have dropped this week. Among the interviews, John Hight talks about how the roughly 11 week patch schedule was intentional, and Blizzard was surprised when players noticed and started expecting that rapid cycle.

Finally, we look back at episode #33, with some commentary on the shipyard and our expectations for the Warcraft movie.

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