This week, Nick, Rei, Eric, and Harv are back talking about what’s been going on in Blizzard news. First, Rei talks about how she is doing all the things. She talks about how she has been earning gold across all her characters. She also talks about how guild recruitment is going including getting a guild applicant through the in-game recruiting tool. Rei also talks about the strange messages she gets on her character.

Eric talks about having made it up to Sylvanas in normal Sanctum of Domination. Harv also has been playing and talks about how he is finally catching up on all the 9.0 content he missed out on previously.

In the news, Echo defeated Sylvanas on Mythic to get world first. This was after they wiped at 49.6% and learned that the fight goes until Sylvanas hits 45%. Yoshi P, director of Final Fantasy, gave an interview in which he talks about how he doesn’t want FFXIV fans to claim that Final Fantasy has beaten WoW. Also, /spit has been removed from the Burning Crusade Classic PTR. Nick talks about the two cynical schools of thought: that this was done to protect players who buy store mounts, and that this was done to deflect from the sexual assault allegations.

Nick talks about how the Blizzard employees are trying to hold management accountable. He mentions that Frances Townsend was blocking Blizzard employees on twitter. Also, the Blizzard employees staged a walkout last Wednesday. Alex Afrasiabi’s characters and items have been removed or renamed in the game. Kotaku posted an article about the Cosby Suite. And Nick tries to figure out how he can help hold them accountable.

Finally, we look back at episode #91.

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Nick Zielenkievicz

Host of WoW! Talk! and The Tauren & The Goblin. Sometimes known as the Video Games Public Defender. Wants to play more Destiny and Marvel Heroes but WoW is all-consuming. Decent F2P Hearthstone player. Sad that he lost the Wii that had Wrecking Crew on it. Would be happy if the only game ever made was M.U.L.E. Gragtharr on Skywall-US. Garresque on Ravencrest-US.

Rei Liou

Rei is the 1 of the 5 SEELE members and the Ops Director at MTB. She enjoys anime, baking, cooking, gaming ( fighting, puzzle, rhythm, RPGs ), and spending WAY too much time working on spreadsheets. Current Games: Tales of Crestoria, WoW

Eric Knutson

Auto mechanic, car enthusiast, gamer, runner and almost never serious, Eric has been ditching responsibilities and gaming since age 7. His favorite genres are FPS and racing, although most of his game time is currently spent on WoW

Christopher Greer

Chris has been playing World of Warcraft since 2007. When he's not playing his hunter in Azeroth, he's probably playing one of his many alt hunters. If not doing that, he's probably playing a different hunter.

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