Nick, Rei, and Eric are joined by Kurabara this week who will be on the show in a regular role going forward. They begin by talking about the Trading Post as it is switching over with the new month. They talk about some of what they liked on the Trading Post this month and what they hope to see next month.

Rei then talks about what’s been going on with the Order of Corrupted Souls. She talks about how the raid is struggling with a lack of healers currently. She also mentions their different strategies for placing raid markers. They also talk about the Community Soup in Iskara. Nick takes a moment to talk about getting profession recipes in timewalking dungeons. They talk briefly about the auction house. Rei then talks about leveling up her alts.

Kurabara asks about the cloak on the Trading Post and they talk about how we may be in store for a different cloak and hood set each month. Kura also talks about wanting more pants on the trading post.

Eric talks about struggling against Heroic Raszageth. He also got his Mythic+ mount. He discusses playing his Evoker and mentions watching the MDI.

Kurabara talks about his concerns about Recruit-a-friend changing. They talk about the different skills that can be used to get players into and out of danger. They talk about defensive cooldowns for different classes.

Nick announces the Dread Hatchling contest winners. Then, he talks about Mike Ybarra’s horrible bad day where he said many things that irritated Blizzard employees, including talking about their upcoming Return to Office policy, the consideration that QA positions are regarded as transitional, and that the executives are feeling the cuts to bonuses just as much as the average employee.

Next, Nick brings up an article talking about how the ultimate goal of the ABK acquisition by Microsoft is to save the games industry from Google and Apple’s walled gardens on mobile. This leads to a discussion about whether the merger is good or not, with Kurabara arguing that consolidation is bad and Nick trying to defend the purchase by saying this will get rid of Bobby Kotick.

Finally, Nick takes a quick look back at episode #132 from May of 2019.

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Rei Liou

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