In this week’s episode, Harv is finally back! OoCS brought PUGs in once again and as usual, completed with a hit and miss. Mythic + are always a thing with the usual crew, but not for 15s with this week’s affixes. Party Sync was put to good use by the guild over the weekend, partially to get one person up to 120 and the other part to help the group prepare for the ‘Herald of the Titans’ achievement. Ulduar, here we come! Some Heroic Warfronts were completed and Harv is a little upset at leaving by accident on the last possible grouping for it. Harv also has been working on his Mage in Classic to raid with instead of his Hunter.

For anyone who hasn’t purchased the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur mount ( AKA Longboy or the AH Mount ), it will only be available through the Black Market Auction House come the release of Shadowlands. Eric and Harv feel that players who wanted it already have, but HeelvsBabyface have their own thoughts in the segment ‘BLIZZARD Create FAKE ITEM SCARCITY to Boost GOLD TOKEN SALES!!’. Nick replies to YepX in a tweet about it.

It is revealed that Wrathion will be selling 3 types of items for Patch 8.3 — Vessel of Horrfic Visions so players can enter Horrific Visions, the Gouged Eye of N’Zoth will add a socket to any item that doesn’t already have a socket, and an Aqir mount called Wicked Swarmer. Players will have to complete the introductory questline first, and Wrathion will have these available in the Chamber of Heart.

Mythic+ Season 4 will award 465 gear from the chest at the end of each M+ and the Weekly Chest will award 475 gear. It looks like the Heroic raid will be 460 gear and 475 for the Mythic raiders. We bid Titanforging adieu!

This week in Classic, Jokerd was removed from Method after ninja looting the Staff of Dominance in Molten Core. He was the first player to reach Level 60 with his Mage, beating out some of the Method streamers and had joined their team at the end of last month. Even if this behavior was a Vanilla experience as some have stated, it was frowned upon with his comments and behavior, thusly getting himself terminated as being a Classic WoW Influencer with Method.

As stated from the last couple podcasts, World Bosses Azuregos and Lord Kazzak have been enabled and PvP ranks as well as Honor sets can be earned in Classic. Phasing was removed as well and should resolve most of the major issues that have happened.

Harv takes us back to Episode #46 — Nick, Jer, and Katie were hosting, Eric and Rei were off! Mounts were obtained by Katie ( Poundfist ) and Jer ( 5K badge WotLK Timewalking ), both got Grumpus, then they worked on getting the Pepe whistle. Nick goes and works on Ashran and his Legendary Ring via LFR in the meantime. All three of them had been on the Realm Maintenance Podcast, Nick and Jer were both surprised that he knew their last names. Now Nick would like Jer to be known as ‘Jermaine Dupree’. There was a long discussion on Lore and how it will be in the comics / graphic novels. Blizzard purchases MLG for Overwatch and WoW e-Sports ramps up. There was a copyright lawsuit on the games DotA Legends and Soul Clash which was dismissed because of how Blizzard had filed it. Ring upgrades were available via Valor Points. The last leg of the podcast was about how a lot of Diablo systems were getting integrated into WoW, Jer compared the Bounty System in WoW to what all players now know as World Quests.

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