Nick, Rei, Eric, and Harv are back to talk about the latest in World of Warcraft news! Patch 9.1 is coming so its time for the Patch 9.1 quiz! But first, Rei talks about how Order of Corrupted Souls is picking up with more guild members looking to do stuff with other guild members in chat. Eric talks about how with Sire Denathrius down and the raid about to be over, the guild spent an evening doing PVP, which, as a Blood DK, he was able to do fairly well at. He never died once and they did several runs on Cooking Impossible and also an Alterac Valley and some Ashran. Harv, meanwhile, has not been playing Burning Crusade Classic and instead is playing retail. He was getting covenant ranks with relative ease and is already at 33. Nick said that Harv should be able to get to rank 40 pretty quickly in Patch 9.1, if not before then.

Finally, its time for the Patch 9.1 Quiz. Please play along at home!

After the quiz, Nick addresses two quick controversies from recent developer interviews. First, he talks about how Shards of Domination will only fit into certain gear in certain slots, and players will need to recraft some legendaries if there is competition for a certain slot. He wants to wait to see the system in place to criticize it, but it certainly sounds inefficient. Then, he talks about a comment made during an interview about story regarding that the plot for 9.1 came together earlier this year, after Shadowlands had launched. He points out that narratives are often put together on the fly but the main points are known ahead of time, and this is normal behaviour.

Next week’s question of the week is “How are you enjoying Patch 9.1?”

Finally, we look back at WoW! Talk! Number 88, when Gamescom was coming and the keyart had a strange girl in it.

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