Nick, Rei, Eric, and Harv are back to talk about what’s been going on in World of Warcraft! But first, Eric chimes in with his thoughts on Warforging and Titanforging and how he’s already missing it. He talks about how its disappointing to run a lower level raid or dungeon (in this case, Normal Ny’alotha) and know that he cannot get an upgrade in that content. The gang discusses the other view, that players should not feel forced to run lesser content just for the chance they might get an upgrade. Nick suggests that players will cheer when Titanforging is brought back, just like they cheered for features to be removed and then restored, similar to how reforging is now regarded.

Rei goes next and talks about raiding and picking up PUG’s from other regions. They had some struggles with some Brazillian players recently. They also mention that the main problem with players from other regions is lag. Eric talks about how more than region, he pays attention to which servers players come from, as that is a better indicator of if they will be a problem.

Harv is up and he talks about running horrific visions and how now he can carry guildmates through visions that they might have struggled on individually, because Blizzard lifted the limit of vessels that players can hold at a time. Harv did the math and figures you can earn about 6 vessels per week. He also talks about how he is trying to get one of the horrific vision mounts, and that raising the bug requires doing pet battles. He and Nick discuss strategies for levelling your pet battles quickly, which includes using the pet battler in the level 3 garrison from Warlords of Draenor.

Nick shares what he’s been doing lately. He talks about how he was running some invasions and how he’s happy that they are still active in older, outdated content because it makes the zones feel more alive. He shares a story about rolling a new Zandalari troll and hanging out on the side of Dazar’Alor watching an alliance airship drop bombs on the pyramid capital.

Next, the gang runs through the week’s news, starting with Classic. First, people have spotted that the Classic PTR is listed as a new product that will be available at some point. Also, Blizzard posted an article talking about how to get started in Classic for people who are new to it. Blizzard is also adding the WoW Token to WoW Classic in China, which has some people concerned they might do that here. Also, Arathi Basin and Zul’Gurub are coming to WoW Classic soon.

For retail WoW, Blizzard has updated the client to support the Shadowlands Alpha. In October, Christie Golden has a book coming out that will look at the Eastern Kingdoms. There’s a fan-made remaster of The Fall of the Lich King cinematic. And Blizzard added some quality of life improvements to the character pages.

Finally, Harv and Nick look back at episode #53 and some of the predictions that were made at the time regarding the upcoming Legion alpha and the shutdown of Nostalrius.

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