Final Fantasy X HD Coming to PS3, Vita

Nick Santangelo
MASH Veteran
September 14th, 2011

Square had a special present for fans during Sony’s 2011 TGS presser: an HD version of Final Fantasy X is coming to both the PS3 and PS Vita. It seems unlikely that the PS2 remake will make it out in time for the Vita’s launch, as no mention of that was made. No further details were given other than that development is “coming along.”

[Image via FF Online.]


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  • Tony Bucchioni

    I think Square is just messing with all the FF7 fanboys. What’s next, an HD remake of FF6? Actually, they should do that. I would buy a PS3 to play an HD remake of FF6.

    • Robert Hill-Williams

      I’m not a huge proponent of Final Fantasy remakes, but I’d totally buy a remake of VI. Ultimately I’d rather they actually get on with Versus and KHIII and etc., but Square is Square.
      They do seem like they’re trolling the shit out of fanboys though.

      Square: “Hey guys, we heard you were asking for a Final Fantasy remake.”
      Square: “Well here ya go, a remake of…”
      Square: “Final Fantasy X! You guys love Tidus, right?”
      Fanboys: *tears, sobbing, souls shattering*

    • Nick Santangelo

      I grow tired of the industry’s remakeitis. Square is one of the biggest perpetrators of remaking too many damn games without giving us new ones (Nintendo is right there with them). That being said, I loved Final Fantasy X so I might actually get this when it reaches our shores. But fans are obviously upset by the fact that VI and VII got passed over in favor of X and I’m with them.

      Ultimately, though, I could not agree any more with Rob that what i really want is new titles.