Borderlands 2 Official Trailer + Release Date = 870 Gajillion Guns

Katie Horstman
Guest Writer
February 22nd, 2012

Borderlands 2 has an official trailer and a release date of September 18th, 2012. There are no true words to explain the happiness that this creates in my heartspace. Enjoy. Original Borderlands fans will notice some upgrades to the skill tree menu and that there’s 300 times more sexy in this game. Can it be September already so we can shoot some bad dudes?


Katie has always had a connection to games and was able to make Super Mario Bros. a motion game before Nintendo even thought of the Wii. She has a serious addiction; an illness if you may, of loving ridiculous games. She has been through an extensive digital rehabilitation, but we fear her addiction is surfacing again.

Specialty: First Person Shooters
  • Guess no one told them Armor Core V already used Doomsday.

    • I have watched the Armor Core Doomsday GameStop exclusive trailer. /yawn AC should’ve used something that fit. Dubstep for that seemed like a ‘Oh, dubstep is popular – get!’ BLands used the song way better.

      • I disagree. ¬†But then again, I’d much rather play Armored Core over Borderlands¬†any day.

  • Coreymcvillain

    Is it weird I could tell you wrote this by your use of “bad dudes?”

    • No, it’s not weird, just know this: bad doods will go down.