Roman Chariot Racing of the Future [Break Limit]

Break Limit

This week begins the Indie Games Winter Uprising.  Fourteen indie games developers have joined forces to bring you a group of great indie games this week.  One of the games that caught my eye was Break Limit.  I am a huge fan of shooter games, so naturally the trailer (shown at the bottom of this post) caught my attention.  In contrast to your average shooter where you need to kill and dodge enemies at the same time, it appears that speed has a lot to do with gameplay.  You pilot a what is known as a Break ship.  The faster the Break ship is moving, the more invincible it becomes.  Go fast enough and you will be able to blast, smash, and break through everything in your path.  I can only imagine that a huge part of the gameplay is keeping the Break ship at the highest speed possible so you can make it through obstacles.

Christopher Hill of Zombie Monkey Games describes Break Limit as “a futuristic roman chariot race”.  I noticed a timer in the trailer and screenshots so I’m guessing that besides racking up a high score you will want to complete the level as fast as possible.  Along with the ship being invincible at high speeds there are multiple weapons that will become stronger as you play through the game.  The longer you stay alive, the higher your weapons and ship will rank up and become stronger.  Use your weapons along with your speed to rack up massive scores.  If you are a XBL gold subscriber you will be able to post your scores online and try to top the ranks.  If you aren’t a gold subscriber you will still have a local scoreboard so that you can try to best your siblings (or yourself if you’re lonely).  We should expect to see Break Limit sometime between November 30th and December 2nd in the XBL indie game section.  I am really looking forward to this and you can expect a review here once we have our hands on it.  Check out some of the game’s back story, gallery, and trailer below.

You are cast in the role of a ship pilot in a scenario that would equate to a futuristic roman chariot race. You are at the helm of the prototype ship that ultimately brought the Pylesian Galactic Coalition to power. Known as a Break ship, it carrier a payload of weaponry that never runs out of ammunition. On top of this however, is its defining trait – the ship becomes invincible while accelerating. In the 3rd Galactic war, Break ships were a kin to kamikazi crafts, except that they would punch right through anything, and not blow up.

In an effort to keep a reign on their mighty empire the Pylesians came up with a sort of high speed obstacle course to keep the citizens content with their new overlords. You play the role of a Breaker, working to make your way entertaining the empire and becoming a master of everything the Break ship can do.

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