Square Enix Group Support For Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami

How Square Enix is doing their part.

You have no doubt heard about the tragedy that is happening Japan right now.  The Square Enix Group announced on March 17th that following the Tohoku Pacific Earthquakes and Tsunami, the group will donate 100 million yen towards relief and recovery efforts in the affected regions.  Not only that, they will be collecting donations from employees all over the world to help out.

Also, they will be collecting donations through amusement facilities and services operated by the group.  The game Sengoku Ixa will have a special charity item that if bought, all profits would go towards the relief fund.  The billing system used for Square Enix accounts (Square Enix Crysta) will also have an option for account member to donate on their account.  The Taito corporation has many amusement facilities around japan, and donations will be taken from visitors.  Also, Taito will be selling special items in their mobile and social games that proceeds will go towards the fund as well.  The details of these promotions can be found on their website.  Last but not least, the virtual community of Nicotto Town will be placing a special charity item in it’s service that works like all the others above.

Clearly they are doing their part, and so should we!  You can donate to the Red Cross by going here, and remember: even the littlest bit of money is a big help.  It is good to see that Square Enix is giving back in such a big way.

[Image Courtesy of GameFAQs]


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