Tecmo releases Ninja Gaiden III GDC Teaser

The next iteration in Team Ninja’s mercilessly difficult action franchise was announced yesterday via a short teaser trailer. There isn’t much of anything revealed in the trailer, as it clocks in at well under a minute long. It features an extreme close-up of series protagonist Ryu Hyabusa repeatedly stabbing some poor fool who made the grave mistake of getting in his way. Streams of blood splatter all over Ryu as his foe lets out a painful garble with his last breath. Just as the first ninja of gaming begins to remove his mask, the screen fades to black. Finally, three trails of blood run across the screen implying that this is indeed Ninja Gaiden III (the teaser does not outright call it such).

Gamers looking for a full unveiling will be disappointed to know that they’ll be waiting several more months for the game to be “unmasked” at E3 2011. But hey, at least we know that there will be ninjas, swords, and plenty of blood (shocker). We here at MTB recommend you pass the time by debating whether or not the series can recover from the loss of Tomonubu Itagaki. The flamboyant creator of the previous two titles went through a very public separation from Tecmo back in 2008. Will this latest Ninja Gaiden title prosper without his guiding hand? Watch the teaser and sound off in our comments section with your thoughts.

There used to be an embeded media player here, but it doesn't work anymore. We blame the Tumbeasts.

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