12 Minutes of Battlefield 3 Gameplay

I just want to start off by saying that I have been a huge, very huge fan of the Battlefield games since they came out.  I’ve played most of them, such as 1942, Vietnam, Battlefield 2 with its expansions, 2142 and its expansions.  Despite Bad Company 2 coming out, we have had yet to see a true sequel to Battlefield 2 come out, until now.  Showcasing the Frostbite 2 engine, we get to see a fully made up preview of the true sequel to Battlefield 2!  Seen here in this video, we follow Staff Sgt. Black and his Marine Unit moving through town.  The footage is amazing and even though we’ve already seen several parts of this video, a new part has been added with a grand finale showing the power of the Frostbite 2 engine!  It’s amazing and I just going by the footage we see here, it may be safe to say that Battlefield 3 is going to raise the bar for shooters in the future!


[Source: EA Official Website]

Jason Bond
Jason Bond
Jason Bond

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Jason has been a gamer since the days of the Atari, starting off with games like Pong, and leading all the way up to games like Final Fantasy on the PS2. He then discovered the battlefield series in 2004 on the PC and it was done. An avid gamer, lover of music and all things PC, Jason strives to show users that PC gaming is not dead, so lock an load!

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