DICE Details Battlefield 3 Console Downgrades

Battlefield 3 looks fantastic on the PC, but what about on consoles?

By now you’ve surely seen some of the gorgeous footage of Battlefield 3 in action. Since all of the videos that have been released up to this point are of the PC version, you might be wondering (or worrying) about how the game will look on consoles. Executive Producer Patrick Bach recently discussed what sort of downgrades console gamers can expect during an interview with VideoGamer. Bach said that “what we’ll show on console doesn’t look worse than any other game out there. It’s probably even better than every other game out there on console.” Keeping pace with the top tier of the competition is nice, even though the 360 and PS3 versions will have noticeable downgrades.

In regards to the precise elements that will be sacrificed on the home consoles, the producer they will have to axe the “higher resolution, the higher framerate, the anti-aliasing, the motion blur, stuff like that.” Bach went on to explain that DICE’s goal is to set the graphical standard on PC, but that it would be impossible to achieve that same level of visual fidelity on consoles.

Nothing was mentioned as far as when we can expect to see the difference for ourselves. For now, console gamers will just have to keep waiting and hoping that the Xbox and Playstation versions don’t take too hard of a hit.

Source: VideoGamer.com

Image courtesy of Electronic Arts.

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