Mass Effect 2 “Arrival”

Prepare for the arrival.

For RPG fans that have always wanted to travel the stars and brave distant new worlds, the Mass Effect series gave us something we desperately wanted.  Mass Effect 2, the second game in the series, was released in early 2010 and improved upon the already great formula of the first game.  Thankfully, for those of us who have exhausted the main storyline, there have been many new downloads adding mission upon mission.

The newest, and last, download to add to the epic tale of Mass Effect 2 is “Arrival” which pretty much provides a proper transition into the upcoming third game.  You have been contacted by Admiral Hackett, who is concerned about an operative that had been captured by Batarians in the middle of a mission.  Saving her grants you the knowledge of an immanent Reaper attack, which she was attempting to prevent by destroying the Mass Relay near a Batarian colony.  To successfully prevent the invasion, it would mean sacrificing the lives of the entire colony which numbers around 300,000.

This newest DLC is one of the better that have been released, but I still favor the Shadow Broker DLC above this one.  It was a decent length, but the story’s twist was predictable compared to previous missions.  The environment was akin to those previously experienced, which was fine because the world of Mass Effect 2 is amazing.  At first I did not like that ammo was laying about on the tops of tables, but this was before realizing that enemies scarcely dropped ammo.  In the beginning of the game I thought that the AI (artificial intelligent) was buggy, because they would not respond when I shot in their general direction.  Little did I know that there is was an achievement for going through the beginning of the game without attracting enemy attention.  Keep that in mind while playing.

Although Arrival is not the best in the lineup, it is definitely worth your time as it provides a smooth transition into the upcoming third game.  It is truly a must play.   This newest addition to the story of Mass Effect 2 is available on the Microsoft marketplace for 560 points, and on the PlayStation store for $6.99.

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar

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