Playstation Network Still Down, Sony Still Assessing the Damage

If you're looking to get back online with SOCOM 4 or Killzone 3, Sony has some bad news for you.

Killzone 3Looks like the Helghast will have to wait a bit longer.

The massive downtime for the Playstation Network has certainly been causing a lot of frustration and worry for PS3 owners.  As of this morning, Sony has yet to declare when the PSN will be coming back online.  According to an article on PCWorld, a spokesman for Sony has stated that a thorough investigation of the severity of the damage to Playstation 3’s online network will need to be completed before users can expect to jump back into their multiplayer game of choice.

For those gamers unhindered by the loss of the Playstation Network or simply out of the loop, Sony’s online platform for the PS3 has been down as of last week.  Due to the loss of network security, or rather an “external incursion” as it was referred to by a Sony spokesperson, the whole network has been shut down for the time being.  While Sony does understand that gamers aren’t exactly the most patient bunch and really want to get back online, the company wants to be absolutely certain that no personal data such as credit card information has been taken as part of the attacks.  For now, gamers will have to make due with singleplayer-only experiences until the whole mess is smoothed over.

Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits
Jason Wersits

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