Team Fortress 2 Raises Money for the Japanese Relief Fund

Not long after quakes rocked Japan and nuclear issues began plaguing the country, many different countries and organizations began sending aid.  The video gaming industry was no exception, as we see here in this article from the official TF2 blog.  The Team Fortress community managed to raise roughly $430,543.65 in just two short weeks.  This is such an amazing amount of money to be raised in so short of time.  The money was raised through the sale of special hats created by the developers for in-game avatars, which look pretty awesome as seen here!

Another group was publicly mentioned on the blog named the “Unusual Hats Club,” which did a Hats for Help charity campaign of their own.  The group succeeded in raising an additional $3000 towards the relief effort.  It’s always great to see the video gaming community come together to help those in need!


[Source: Official TF2 Blog]


Jason Bond
Jason Bond
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