Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ‘Premiering’ May 23

Pay no attention to that leaked premiere behind the internet curtain.

The Facebook page for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is now promoting the game’s unveiling on May 23. It’s going to go down on ESPN during game four of the Western Conference Finals. They don’t mention the NBA specifically, but since ESPN doesn’t carry NHL games anymore, it’s a safe bet that that’s what they’re referring to.

So make sure you tune in to catch the first exclusive look…wait a minute, didn’t we already get our first major glimpse into the game last Friday? Why yes, yes we did. Nevertheless, we’re assuming there will be actual in-game footage shown during a commercial on the 23. So you’ll likely want to give it a look. Of course, you can probably just skip the whole basketball thing and wait until it inevitably hits YouTube minutes after its premiere. Just a thought.

[Source: Activision on Facebook]

[Image courtesy of Gamepur.]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo

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