Mass Effect 3 Will Feature Homosexual Male Romance Options

It's raining [space] men!

BioWare is infamous for including laughably bad sex scenes into their otherwise fantastic RPGs. Fans will recall the “controversy” that some ignorant individuals drummed up over their last title, Dragon Age II, featuring a plethora of homosexual love interests in addition to the more common hetero options. BioWare isn’t going to let a few backwards-thinking gamers dictate gameplay apparently, because Mass Effect 3 has now been confirmed to feature romance alternatives for either sexual orientation. (No word was given about the possibility of swinging both ways).

Executive Producer Casey Hudson tweeted that the saga’s final installment “supports wider options for love interests incl. same-sex for M&F chars, reactive to how you interact w/them in-game.” Previous titles allowed for several heterosexual options as well as lesbian encounters with the blue-skinned asari; provided, of course, that you were playing as a female Shepard). The option to define your personalized Shepard’s orientation to your liking should satisfy everyone; well, except for those who enjoy the fine art of senseless hating, anyways. We now invite you to sit back and await an over-sensationalized response from Fox News Channel.

[Source: Casey Hudson’s Twitter]

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