E3: Assassin’s Creed Coming to Wii U

Game will take advantage of the U's unique controller features.

During an E3 round-table yesterday, publisher Ubisoft announced that it will be bringing the Assassin’s Creed series to the Wii U.  We don’t really know much about it at this point, but the publisher did confirm that the game will feature an on-screen map, an interactive database, and rapid weapon selection via the touchscreen controller. 

It sounds like this will be a brand new game, but that hasn’t been confirmed.  It’s entirely possible that they are porting over this fall’s Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.  We’ll have more for you as the story develops.

[Source: IGN]

[Image via Assassin’s Creed Wikia.]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
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