LulzSec Calls it Quits After Releasing Battlefield User Info

LulzSec fires off some parting shots from their ion cannon and then scuttles their ship.

The laugh-prone internet pirates over at LulzSec have seen fit to call it quits. That’s right, after a 50 day hacking blitzkrieg that victimized numerous gaming and government web sites, the scofflaws are hanging it up. They do so not with a whimper, however, but with a typical Lulz Security info dump containing 550,000 pieces of personal info from Battlefield Heroes beta users and that of an additional 50,000 gaming forum users for good measure.

Their claim is that the original plan had always called for just 50 days of attacks and subsequent info postings. That being said, it seems just a touch convenient that this news comes in the wake of the arrest of 19-year-old Ryan Cleary. The hackers said that Cleary, contrary to police claims, was not in fact a part of their organization. Still, they did admit that he was affiliated with them, so it’s not entirely out of the question that they were scared off by the incarceration hitting a little too close to home.

Whatever the case, the internet is now safe from the LulzSec threat. Before fading away, they made note that LulzSec “truly believes in the AntiSec movement” and they hope that they have sparked a “revolution” that will be carried on by other hackers.

[Sources: LulzSec Twitter and Destructoid]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
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