New Sony 3D Monitor and Bundles

Sony announces 3D monitor with some new features and a nicer price tag.

Sony unveiled a lot of different games and technology this year at E3. On the Playstation Blog and during the conference they also talked about their support of 3D. They have now recently unveiled a new monitor to help push 3D in the homes of everyone. The monitor is 24″ LCD with full 1080p and 3D functionality. This monitor is special outside of the basic package; it boasts a special 2 player feature. What it does is allow both the first and second player to perform a multiplayer game with both having full screens on the monitor.

This means that if you have 2 people the screen will not be split, and both players can enjoy having the full monitor to themselves without interfering with the other player. Sony, being the sly people they are, also said they would bundle the monitor. The 3D display will come with one pair of 3D glasses, an HDMI cable, and a copy of Resistance 3 for the price of $499.99. Another set of the 3D glasses with the rechargeable battery can be purchased for $69.99.

They also released some informtation ona  bundle for Resistance 3. This bundle comes with a copy of Resistance 3, a Playstation Eye, Playstation Move motion controller, navigation controller, and the sharp shooter peripheral. The package comes priced at $149.99. Sony seems to be trying to get move into more hard core games and trying to push Move more and more. Sound off in our comment section belo0w on what you think of Sony’s bundles to push move and 3D .

[Images via Playstation Blog]

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