Prey 2 Bounty Trailer Proves That English Is The Supreme Intergalatic Language

The new trailer for Prey 2 gives you a peek into the life of a bounty hunter.  It pretty much consists of you dropping in on your target, owning some face, chasing your target down while owning face (and looking very slick while doing it), then finally catching him, and it going off with you getting ready to own more face.  Most of the trailer was shown in the first person view and I hope it’s really a reflection of how the game play is going to be.

Bethesda mentioned before that the game would have parkour style movements like we have seen in games like Mirror’s Edge, and in this trailer you can definitely see how it can work with this game.  If they are actually able to pull it off well, I can see this being a very fast paced, action packed game.  I still have a problem with them calling it Prey 2 since it doesn’t really appear to extend the story from Prey and actually goes against some of it’s fundamentals.  However, if they can make an awesome game I think I might be able to forgive them.  Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think:

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Jarret Redding
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